Friday, April 29, 2016

NEWS FLASH! Advanced copy of Time Magazine's Person of the Year leaked!

The Vast Estate (obviously) - In what sources of Time Magazine are calling one of the "worst" security breaches in their history, an "advanced" copy of it's yearly Person of the Year cover photo has been leaked to the press.

Upon hearing of the "leaked" cover photo Time's executives began, almost immediately, denying any involvement or connection "whatsoever" with the highly controversial cover image.

The magazine, which prides itself in "claiming" that it "doesn't know" who said person of the year will be until said "person" is selected "very soon before the end of any given year" is quite embarrassed by the incident (obviously).

The face that has launched a thousand controversies
[American Trogs, this is pronounced con-travisty]

The Vast Estate finds this pathetic we-are-so-shocked-and-in complete-disbelief-and-deny-all-knowledge-of-said-controversy rationale, well, rather difficult to believe.

"WE fairly firmly feel that the magazine was hacked by the same Chinese black opts military unit that kidnapped Lord Westover whilst he was on a tour of Australia and New Zealand in the winter of 2013--a tour we might add that was copied nearly city-by-city by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge only a few months later," stated Manservant to His Grace during a televised news conference from the Vast Estate.

Manservant then went on to mutter something under his breath that observers claim was something to the effect of "I wish those royals would stop imitating His Lordship..."

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